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Dorothy´s Dream

Reality and fantasy are not mutually exclusive. There was a time, long ago, when both these lived together in harmony. A magical world, of surprises which led us to everywhere, riding on the wings of the imagination, allowing us to discover small, remote, unexplored hidden worlds.

The mysterious artist Dorothy’s Dream guides us through his own magical and oneiric soundscape. Bringing forward psychedelic minimal sounds, elegantly combined with dreamlike textures and meditative arrangements, Dorothy’s Dream made his debut on wax in2020 with apă002 on Unic’s notorious sub-label apă. He has continued releasing the “Lady Violet” Ep on Miami based Cedesciu Wax, and he couldn’t start better the 2021 signing “The Blue Bus” EP for none other than Botanic Minds.

He has continued the journey releasing on very respected label such Midas Touch and Acmè.

His hypnotic and engaging minimalistic music, has been played by artists like Raresh, Sepp, Nu Zau, Priku, Maher Daniel, Arapu, Ted Amber, Viceversa.

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