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Origins of Time

Casablanca is the stronghold of Moroccan creativity, where different horizons and destinies intertwine. In the front of the scene, a duo of artists particularly distinguished is Origins Of Time. Fascinated by electronic music, and more specifically minimal music, the duo has a telepathic understanding of the supernatural, both behind turntables and in production, which has attracted the attention of renowned producers and labels. 

In 2006 they started to play music as dj then producing in 2009.

The numerous collaborations or their productions on Inwave Imprint, Kindisch, Phonichouse or Tzinah Records are only illustrations of a small part of their talent. The notion of time disappears when Origins Of Time is in charge.
Every little things starts with a feeling. 

Origins Of Time is one of those musical feelings that connect two soul brothers who create Music with influences from Minimal to Techno Music.

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