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Kevin Poitiers aka kpo, born in Luxembourg and currently residing in Cologne/Germany is a talented producer and DJ. With a passion for music from a young age, playing in bands, influenced by hip-hop and later on diving into electronic music, KPO began producing in the minimal genre about 10 years ago.

Through the years he has developed a unique sound that combines minimal beats with experimental elements, creating a fresh and captivating sound with a variety of moods. His tracks by him have gained attention in the minimal music scene and released on labels such as Ooz Records, Phonichouse or Elysium LTD and have been featured on various platforms and played in clubs and festivals.

Apart from producing music, Kpo is also an accomplished DJ, known for his dynamic sets that blend different styles, his performances behind the decks are characterized by groovy beats, hypnotic rhythms, and a seamless mixing style that keeps the dance floor moving.

He continues to push boundaries, experiment with new sounds, and evolve as an artist.

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