About Us

Bohrium is a brand-new electronic music record label founded at the beginning of 2020 and based in Madrid, Spain. The project’s origin is fruit of crossroads between artists, musicians and other professionals who, besides living in foreign countries, share a musical and esthetic approach. This combined farsightedness leads the collective to show their ideas around the world shaping their proposal and bringing it a peculiar personality. 

Musically, they pursue a uniquely and identifiable deep sound taking a minimalist approach and casting a fresh eye in electronic music movements away from commercial circuits and trends. A sound which would thrive and be traceable despite its heterogeneity. A sound which understands dance electronic music zeitgeist. You will find Bohrium vision digging into textures, percussions or trippy melodies, sometimes introspective, sometimes mischievous and full of life. You will find it on abstract and mechanical works where the influence of genres as house, techno, and minimal merges. 

The collective is formed by a dynamic and fervent vinyl lovers/supporters group. As a result, releases will come out only in this format, always in twelve inches and offering just no more represses that the limited copies each release. Thanks to their philosophy, their principles and their careful proposal since the beginning, Bohrium has been supported by some of the most important artists on the European electronic music scene such as Priku, Gescu or Sepp among others. Also, They have driven Bohrium sound from the public to big stages like Sunwaves, Mioritmic or the legendary Club Guesthouse.

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