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Micro house and minimal, techno and house, sounds and stardust, are what make Cojoc a unique self-taught artist, with a vast experience in the music industry of over 10 years.

However, the year of 2016 marked the moment he irremediably fell in love with electronic music. An impulse that echoed in the back of his mind kept whispering that he needed to do something to leave his mark upon the world, so in 2018 he started to learn the art of music production. 

Listening to his tracks, you will catch yourself dancing freely, yet experiencing a bizarre feeling of your feet not touching the ground, as your whole being is carried away by this incomprehensible energy of happiness and mysteriousness.

This is why world-renown artists such as Priku, Janeret, Sepp, Miroloja, Crihan, Lizz and many others played his music with the same exuberance that Cojoc created it. And after all that has been said and done, let the sounds that he puts together collapse in your soul until the sky is filled with stories and your heart flooded with that sensation of warmth that only music can give you.

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