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Marques Sigi

Marques Sigi’s musical roots live in break dance, he has danced at national and international contests for ten years. With his change from the parquet to the DJ booth, he not only changed the role, but also the genre. If you want to visualize the music of Marques Sigi in your mind, the best you can imagine is a streaming water: it never intrudes but invites. Everything here is in the proverbial flow and even if it can get turbulent in between, you can always let yourself carry it on – the journey is the goal here. Nothing is too dark in this music, everything is flooded with light and characterized by a positive mood.

This music can only thrive on relaxation and Marques Sigi is a lot, but certainly not a jittery trend-setter. What this passionate electronics technician creates is a deeply relaxed house that, despite all its deceleration, is perfect for extended nights. His music is free of compromise and does not focus on clicks – it is music for the sake of music. His addressee is the dance floor, respectively the people in front of the boxes and his music not only generates euphoric club moments, it also captures them.

These (boxes) can be found in clubs such as Klaus in Zurich, the time-honored Zurich Supermarket, Zurich’s Frieda’s Büxe, but also in the forest or on the river if the summer weather conditions permit. His heart is particularly attached to the Solothurn Hidden Club, a small but fine location and his musical home base. Marques Sigi sees itself as part of a community and participates in it. He also interprets the facets of club music as an inseparable unit: his personality is not only reflected in his sets, but also in his productions. However, while interaction with the audience plays a major role during his sets, his compositions and productions are solely a product of his very own artistic expression.

Marques Sigi has long developed a reputation that guarantees him bookings from the most renowned Swiss clubs of an electronic nature. He is now also cementing this reputation with his studio works inspired by acts such as Ricardo Villalobos, Luciano, The Mountain People, Alci and Global Communication, which also attract international attention. Despite his experience, you are dealing with a club musician who is just beginning his journey. Not least because his artistic evolution is the result of a natural process – let the river carry it and see where the journey is going.

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