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2020 was the year when things shaped up for Angel Mosteiro and Joel Vazquez AKA Akela. After crossing their paths in 2009 in their homeland Galicia they started producing music together. An incredible growth for both of them as producers happened when they joined forces during the last four years working together in Madrid. Their outstanding connection in the studio was the cornerstone of their further musical teaming. Therefore they continued on a natural path to create a musical duo  as DJs. That’s when the Akela project was born. 

Since the very beginning, they shared a similar musical view (always attracted by timeless atmospheric & minimalistic tracks) and the same roots & influences. Artists like Ricardo Villalobos or [a:rpia:r] inspired them to open their ears to a deeper sound palette, even more minimalistic and introspective. But when they discovered the new Romanian wave, with talented artists like Barac, Sepp, Nu Zau, Cosmjn..  they learned how to create & select groovy tracks for the dancefloor that, at the same time, were relentless & classy. 

They weren’t beginners when they started producing under the Akela moniker. Both of them have interesting releases on labels like Tzinah Records, Act-Fact Records, or Tupiar. Under Akela they’ve released their first reference, ‘Space Runner’, on their own only-vinyl label,  Bohrium Records—a fresh newly-created label supported by heavyweights in the minimal scene—. This track was included in the first Bohrium’s release, ‘EMPIRICAL TEST Vol. I’ – V.A along with three other great talents: Cojoc, Marques Sigi & Avidel.  The release had early and massive support from Priku, Gescu, Sepp, Lizz and many others and sold out in less than a month. On this track, they grab their past  experience and turn it into a dark fresh new sound, with a finest breaky rhythm and, at the same time, textured, atmospheric & hypnotic synth sounds. Their purpose of creating a musical journey beyond minimalistic organic & sound deepness was complete. And this is only the first part of their project together.

This musical path continues when Akela are in the booth playing records, constantly sharing their different perspectives using the same approach. After more than a decade of being DJs, they are killing it as music selectors, providing groovy, energetic, and danceable sounds. They’ve also played at underground clubs all over Spain, highlighting their showcase at OFF Week Barcelona. And in leading-edge Europe clubs like Folklor Club at Lausanne, Klein & Geheim (Basel) and even Miami (Treehouse), Wherehouse (Tijuana), and Rioma & Americana in Mexico City. Stay tuned, you will soon hear more fresh news about them.

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